What is the schedule?

Friday 7, Conference day: Doors open at 8:45am, talks will be from 9:30am to 6:30pm with a light lunch and an afternoon break. There will also be an afterparty in the evening!

Saturday 8, Workshop day: Schedule depends on our partners but most workshops should take place in the afternoon from 2pm to 6pm.

Who are the organizers?

The conference is organized by @sylvinus and his dotConferences team. Ping us if you want to help!

What is the language of the talks?

As we welcome attendees and speakers from all over the world, all the talks are in English.

What makes the talks special?

Unlike most other tech conferences, we will have a single track with talks between 20 and 30 minutes, to keep all the audience focused and interested!

Will this be yet another crazy expensive conference?

No. This is a conference by hackers for hackers. Thanks to our partners, we try to keep the price below 150€.

Why did you change the name from CloudConf to dotScale?

We had lots of feedback saying that the name of the conference didn't sound as technical as the lineup. We thought about it and we finally decided to make it clear that this is a conference for developers and devOps about the tools and platforms they can use to make their apps scale.

So maybe we were trying to reconquer the name "Cloud" but it appears to be a lost cause ;-)

Is dotScale related to dotJS?

Yes. dotJS and dotScale are both part of our ongoing re-invention of tech conferences: dotConferences.

dotJS 2012 was such a great success (look at these photos!) that we are doing 3 conferences this year: dotScale, dotRB on October 18th and of course, dotJS 2013 in November ;-)

What is the diff with dotJS 2012?

About 1/3rd of the dotJS attendees answered our feedback form, which is amazing! We learned a lot and will make the following patches:
  - Make the conference a bit shorter: our focus is and will remain on quality, not quantity!
  - The workshops will be announced sooner
  - We will continue to ask speakers to talk about what passionates them, while keeping a healthy balance between deep technical talks and broader topics (The balance at dotJS 2012 was admittedly a bit too much towards the latter).

We are deeply commited to creating the best tech conferences we possibly can and will keep improving thanks to your feedbacks!