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The Tech Conference to supersize your apps

June 7, 2013 ยท Paris, France 

Doug Cutting

Creator of Hadoop,
Chairman of the Apache Foundation

Joshua McKenty

Co-creator of OpenStack

Shay Banon

Creator of ElasticSearch

Barry Abrahamson

CTO of

Brad Fitzpatrick

Creator of memcached, OpenID and LiveJournal

Jonathan Weiss

Founder of Scalarium, now AWS OpsWorks

Mandy Waite

Staff Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform

Solomon Hykes

Founder of dotCloud, Creator of Docker

Thomas Stocking

COO of U.S.

Quentin Adam

Founder of Clever Cloud

Noah Zoschke

Runtime lead at Heroku

What makes dotScale special

First and foremost:  dotScale != YABCC  (Yet Another Boring Cloud Conference)

There will be no marketing speeches, no buzzword cover-ups.

Instead, we will have the CTOs, architects and hardcore developers of the most interesting projects and platforms on stage, talking about the real tech of the Cloud.

Our goal is to create a unique, affordable and enjoyable conference for developers & devOps.

dotScale will take place on June 7, in the same amazing venue as our previous conference dotJS 2012. There will also be a Workshop Day on June 8.