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Public datazoomr / My datazoomr- Hadoop based Big Data as a service platform

In order to manage incremental value from Enterprise's internal or external data, and in an increasingly fierce competition context, the Business directions may accelerate requests to CIOs. This yields to significantly faster capabilities for collecting, storing and processing information dedicated to new uses and applications (one to one marketing, fraud detection, predictability, improved customer relations, data processing of social media, ...).

The solution proposed by VirtualScale allows the gradual establishment of the Hadoop environment in a context of datawarehouse. The valuation of the business data of the company into Business Intelligence tools allows unstructured datas to be part of the value chain of data processing.We believe that within the existing datawerehouse solutions, the issue of the Hadoop framework integration would increase the processing capabilities while significantly lowering the storage costs.

For this purpose, VirtualScale established an infrastructure offer on your site (My datazoomr) with capabilities of migrating toward a Hosted Infrastructure (Public datazoomr). The advantages of this solution are:

  • Simple and quick start of a prototype Big Data services (Proof Of Concept in 1 week)
  • From prototype to production stage without changing infrastructure
  • An opportunity to choose a service in an hosted linearly mode with unlimited Tera Byte
  • A solution based on a 100% Opensource stack (Cloudera distribution)
  • The establishment of a suite of monitoring and associated SLA
  • The consideration of security tools (VPN data, integrity, Kerberos, ...)
  • The use of VMware to ensure high availability of the Hadoop infrastructure
  • The support of integrated console SQL-HIVE and Impala
  • Developments supplied as standard with the Open source Hadoop framework : Fluentd, Flume Oozie
  • A recommendation engine set at the Proof Of Concept phase
  • Integration with Business Intelligence tools and third-party ETL Hadoop compatible
  • A drastic reduction in costs (not based on NAS / SANsolutions)